12″ & 16″ Desk fan For Warehouse

£55.00  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

  • office fan with 12″ or 16″ fan head
  • 3 speed settings allow the user to adjust the cooling power from cooling to air circulation
  • Both fans are manufactured from durable composite material
  • Ergonomically designed to pivot on a 180° axis
  • Complete control over volume and direction of airflow
  • The SFF12 can be also be wall mounted
  • Fitted with a BS fully approved plug


3-speed desk fans great for your office

Keeping cool in warehouses, factories and offices can be difficult in the summer, especially if the premises doesn’t have air conditioning! Pedestal fans, floor fans and desk fans are a great solution to this issue as they allow employees to keep air moving which helps to generate a cool breeze.

While the 12″ & 16″ desk and floor fans may not be the largest fans around, they are still capable of moving a significant volume of air. These fans have been manufactured using a durable composite material which is capable of withstanding scraps and bumps, the ergonomic design also allows the fan head to pivot on a 180° axis maximising the volume and direction of airflow.

Both models have 3 speed settings, which enable the fan to be used for intense cooling or as an air circulation tool helping to maintain a rough temperature throughout the day. For further functionality, the SFF12 desk / floor fan can also be wall mounted allowing this unit to be positioned at a greater height, circulating air downwards. If you’re feeling that these fans might be a bit vertically challenged and you would prefer a fan which could rest on your desk or on a pedestal, a fan with a dual personality if you like, the  desk & pedestal fan with adjustable height feature could be the perfect cooling partner for your office.

Additional information

Fan Diameter (mm)

300 (12"), 400 (16")

No. Of Speeds


Overall Height (mm)

400mm, 525mm

Power Supply



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