12mm Combination Tool for polypropylene strapping


  • Tensions, seals and cuts extruded polypropylene strapping
  • Maximum strap width 12mm
  • Standard duty for use with SO34 semi-open seals
  • Light duty for use with SER12 semi-open seals
  • The medium duty requires no manual adjustment when changing strap thickness
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As the standard industry method for securing boxes and binding loads, strapping is an easy and efficient way of managing stock. The strapping binds boxes and containers, preventing them from falling open. It also makes it easier for them to be stacked onto pallets for storage and transportation.

While strapping makes packages easier to handle it is not advisable to carry heavy loads without taking the correct precautions. Available in two variants, standard and medium duty models, this handy tool is perfect for strapping jobs of varying sizes and degrees of difficulty. However, the medium duty model is better suited to more arduous tasks.

Made from robust steel with plastic handles for easy gripping, these tools feature simple mechanisms, the clamp, the ratchet, the crimper and the cutting element, which enable the strapping to be adjusted, tensioned, crimped with metal seals and then cut to remove excess material. There is no need for a separate sealer tool, which makes this combination so attractive to small and larger business alike.

These tools can be used in any workshop or warehouse environment, providing an ideal solution for tensioning, cutting and crimping polypropylene strapping. A highly portable piece of equipment, the tool is the convenient alternative to separate items, saving precious worktop space, time and money.

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