12mm Sealless Combination Tool for Steel Strapping

£1,165.37  (INCL. VAT)

  • Ideal for heavy usage on flat strapping
  • One tool tensions, seals and cuts up to 12mm wide high-tensile steel strapping
  • Punching action requires no separate seals
  • Reversible punching dies, for extended tool life


If you are looking to use a steel strapping system to package your goods, then you are going to need a way to tension and cut the strapping, and this is where this combination tools comes in. Rather than needing multiple tools to do the job, maximum efficiency can be achieved by the use of a combo tool, capable of creating the tension, sealing and cutting 12mm steel strapping all in one.

This high quality tool punches holes in the strapping, meaning separate seals are not required, and as the part of the equipment that does the punching is reversible, it should last twice as long.