13mm x 500m Woven Bale Press Strapping Kit

£53.33  (INCL. VAT)


Everything necessary for high strength strapping in a convenient carry pack
When fitting and repairing high-strength strapping, it is sometimes necessary to have ready access to a suitable kit, containing all the materials that are likely to be required. This bale press strapping kit offers a convenient solution for keeping and carrying strapping and buckles together, in the same dispenser, so that they are both available when and where they are needed.

This easy-to-handle and convenient-to-carry kit include a roll of woven strapping, providing heavy-duty performance and a set of steel buckles to be used in conjunction with the strapping. The design of the kit is such that both the strapping and the buckles are easy to move to whatever location they are required in. The starter kit is ready to pick up and use from the moment it is delivered to the site. It is an essential item for anyone who uses polyester strapping, either regularly or only occasionally.

As a trouble-free carry pack containing the strapping and buckles typically used in an industrial environment, this handy starter kit can be kept conveniently at hand for use on any occasion and with a minimum of delay.