2000W Convector Heater With 3 Heat Settings


Key Features

  • 2000W convector heaters with 3 heat settings: 750/1250/2000W
  • Slimline, sturdy design with a high quality finish
  • These modern, professional heaters are ideal for homes, offices and light industrial environments
  • Rotary controlled thermostat allows the ambient temperature to be easily maintained
  • Turbo & timer feature unique to CD2013TT
  • Runs off of a 230V power supply and is supplied with a 13Amp ASTA/BS approved non-rewirable plug
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2000W convector heaters with 3 heat settings as standard.

Keep your offices and home warm with these efficient convector heaters. The slimline, sturdy & high quality construction makes these heaters more than suitable for use in offices, homes and even light industrial environments. These modern, lightweight heaters are all supplied with 3 heat settings of 750W, 1250W & 2000W for gradual control of heating elements, the inclusion of a rotary controlled thermostat allows you to easily maintain the room’s temperature. Once the desired temperature has been reached the thermostat can be turned down slowly until the heat output switch light goes out, once this happens the heater will keep the surrounding air at the set temperature by switching on and off when required.

Both heaters are able to run off of a 230V power supply and come with a 13Amp ASTA/BS approved non-rewirable plug. The hard wearing feet extend beyond the unit’s depth to give maximum stability during use and storage. The CD2013TT has 2 unique features, the first of which is a turbo fan feature, this feature can either be used to quickly heat or cool the room by boosting the output of air at any temperature. The CD2013TT’s 2nd unique feature is a timer which can be pre-set to control when and how long the heater is operational.

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Convector Heater, Convector Heater with Turbo Fan & Timer

Dimensions W x D x H (mm)

600 x 100 x 350


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