210 Litre Drum Clamp forklift attachment


Key Features

  • The clamp goes around the drum just below the top of the two rolling hoops – the bands around the drum that stick out and are designed for rolling it across the floor – and closes around the drum.
  • The 210 Litre Drum Clamp opens and shuts automatically as the drum is raised and lowered, reducing the chances of operator error and the drum being dropped.
  • The clamp fits over a standard-sized forklift truck fork – 170mm x 50mm – and comes in orange or yellow.
  • There is a certificate of testing that is supplied with the drum clamp to confirm that the product has been fully tested.
  • Fork centres: 380mm
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Moving drums containing chemicals or other products is a problem faced by many manufacturers. The drums cannot generally be safely lifted or moved by manual handling; although they are historically designed to roll, this can be a dangerous way to approach the problem. There is little control over a drum being moved in this way, and it can be very hazardous. A forklift attachment that can pick up and move a 210 litre drum without the need to do it by hand is a far safer method, and it is a simple and relatively cheap attachment for a piece of machinery that is likely to already be in use in the factory or warehouse.

This drum clamp is for use on a 210-litre chemical or another liquid drum with rolling hoops, and is ideal for transporting drums around a factory or warehouse or for loading them onto a lorry for shipping

Additional information

Capacity (kg)



Orange, Yellow

Dimensions H x L x W (mm)

h 110mm x w 580mm x d 840mm