2KW Industrial Fan Heaters

£86.93  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

  • 2kW Industrial electric fan ideal for heating warehouses, workshops and other sites during cold snaps and the winter
  • 2000W heat setting
  • 6-8000 Output Btu/hr
  • Produces a totally dry heat with no condensation, no gas, no fumes and as a result, no smells
  • Capable of heating an area up to 1000ft3
  • Takes up to 3 minutes for the heater to reach optimum temperature
  • One heat setting with thermostat control that once up to room temperature the user can turn counter clockwise until the thermostat clicks, at which point the unit will maintain room temperature
  • Max Power (w) 2000
  • Heat Settings 1
  • Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 280 x 215 x 230

Able to efficiently run off of a 230V – 13A power supply. Supplied with power cable and 3-pin plug



During the winter months warehouses, workshops & building sites can become quite a harsh environment to work in, a cold workshop not only increases the risk of accidents but can lead to staff becoming sick. Heat up working areas with some of our electric industrial fan heaters, this 2kW industrial fan heater is ideal for use in a wide range of environments. This particular model has one heat setting with a thermostat control and will produce a completely dry heat with no condensation, no gas, no fumes and no smells. Supplied with a power cable and 3-pin plug this heater is able to run off of a 230V – 13A power supply.

This lightweight, portable heater can be moved around workshops and other locations, the only requirement is a nearby power source.


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