Air Cooler Purifier Humidifier 4 Litre

£75.00  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

  • Active carbon filter purifiers the air
  • 4L water tank with 2 ice packs
  • 3 units in one, saving you space and money
  • 3 castors makes it easy to move around where required
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Adjustable air flow
  • Maximum Airflow (metres per second): 7.5
  • Cooling Water Tank Size (L): 4
  • Cooler Power (watts): 65
  • Supply (volts): 230


3-in-1 air cooler that’s very easy to use

Simply fill the water tank with cold or lukewarm water (do not use water above the temperature of 40°C) 2x Ice blocks are included and optional for use but a great addition to keep you extra cool on those scorching summer days we get here in the UK. If you are using them please remember to reduce the amount of water accordingly so the water does not exceed the maximum marking. Ensure the unit is on a flat surface before you insert the water tank and be cautious not to tilt or knock the unit which could cause the water to slosh over inside. Connect the plug to the mains supply and choose your desired speed setting, there are three options to choose from, either, low, medium or high. The swing button either starts or stops the oscillation swinging from left to right which blows the cool air around twice the area than when not in oscillate mode.

The cooler features a humidifier mode which will add moisture to the atmosphere when required which can soothe dry sinuses, bloody noses and cracked lips which are genuinely caused by dry indoor air, cool mist also helps ease symptoms of a cold and other respiratory conditions. Please note the fan must be running before selecting the humidifier function. The air inlet cover conceals the filter which purifies the air being processed around the unit. Clean the filter and air cover regularly to maximise filtration by vacuuming and wiping over with a soft damp cloth that has been dipped into a mild soapy water to remove any dust, it is important to ensure no water is sucked into the unit so wiping over both the filter and cover with a dry cloth before putting back inside the unit.


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