30″ Industrial High Velocity Oscillating Fan

£235.00  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

  • 30″ high velocity pedestal fan
  • Carefully balanced blades & guards provide a quiet and safe operation
  • Three speed selections – 740 / 820 / 920rpm
  • Spring assisted, height adjustable stand with moveable head allowing the direction of airflow to be accurately changed
  • Fitted with BS approved plug
  • Fan Diameter: 760mm (30″)
  • Power Supply: 230W
  • Motor: 170W
  • Current: 0.7A
  • Some onsite assembly required


High velocity pedestal fan with three speed settings and oscillating head

During the summer months warehouses, workshops and other workplaces can become hotter, more uncomfortable places to work. If such workplaces become too hot for too long, side effects may arise such as dehydration, heat exhaustion and other similar issues. Left untreated / not corrected the heat may cause a drop in an employees efficiency and in more extreme cases, where the workload is high, illness and absence. Many simple cost effective solutions are available to help businesses combat the increasing temperatures, one such method is the addition of industrial fans.

Our industrial fan range contains fans ideal for industrial applications as well as fans suited to commercial uses including this 30″ high velocity pedestal fan. The  pedestal fan is designed to blend seamlessly into a commercial environment, the fan features carefully balanced blades as well as front and rear guards providing quiet and most importantly safe operation. This particular model is supplied with three speed selections triggered by pulling a chain at the rear of the fan head, simply pull the chain to cycle between the different settings (740/820/920rpm). The spring assisted stand is height adjustable between 1610mm-2030mm and the head can be adjusted allowing the operator to easily control the airflow.

Supplied with a fitted BS approved plug this fan is able to operate off of a 230V power supply.


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