Above-bench Accessories for Manufacturing Workbenches


Key Features

Option above-bench accessories for manufacturing workbenches
Suitable for both square tube and cantilever workbench
Optional support posts, service duct, back panel, shelves and light bar
Light bar is supplied with a 1200mm strip light and diffuser
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These over-bench accessories are available for you to create your own bespoke manufacturing workbench that will best suit your requirements.

Firstly you will need to start with the foundation that all accessories fit to – a pair of posts. From there you can choose any combination or all accessories. Service duct for easy access to power, back panel for storage of small parts and tools, upper and/or base shelf and for better visibility, a light bar. All electrics are supplied unwired and require fitting by a qualified electrician.

Additional information


Combination panel, 1500mm long, Combination panel, 1800mm long, Light bar, 1500mm long, Light bar, 1800mm long, Pair of posts for combi panel – 1000m high, Pair of posts for combi panel & upper shelf 1500mm high, Pair of posts for combi panel, upper shelf & light 2000mm high, Service duct with 2×2 13amp double sockets 1500mm long, Service duct with 2×2 13amp double sockets 1800mm long, Steel base shelf, 1500mm long, Steel base shelf, 1800mm long, Upper shelf, 1500mm long, Upper shelf, 1800mm long


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