Accessory Frame to divide WB rear bench panels


Key Features

  • 500mm usable height.
  • Vertical and horizontal profiles.
  • Divides workbench panels in two for additional tool and accessory storage.
  • Two size variants, suiting workbenches measuring 1500mm and 1800mm.


Divides the space between upright profiles into two on WB benches.

In a busy workshop or warehouse environment, it is important to be able to keep all surfaces and workbenches clear from clutter. This assists in the smooth running of operations, keeps everywhere tidy, and ensures that tools and other fittings are easily accessible.

For use with state-of-the-art electronic workbenches, an accessory frame is the ideal add-on, providing additional storage and creating space so that surfaces are free for use. The frame can help to bring order to any workspace and is a great way of keeping all tools and accessories in sight, keeping them accessible and well organised.

This sturdy, multifunctional frame can be used to hang an assortment of tools and accessories, ensuring that the right equipment for any job is always close at hand. It is also an excellent support for bin rails and tilting shelves, ensuring an abundance of storage options and providing workshops and warehouses with a variety of uses for their workbenches.

As well as providing an additional storage solution, the horizontal and vertical profiles of the accessory frame are a great way of reinforcing workbenches, helping them to support a multitude of tools and other items valuable to the task at hand.

This lightweight and versatile accessory frame is easily assembled, and can be supplied for workbenches measuring 1500m and 1800mm – ideal for any workspace.

Additional information

For Bench Width (mm)

1500, 1800


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