Adjustable Fork Mounted Lifting Hook


Key Features

  • Completely adjustable along the fork blade (except the taper)
  • Complete with hook and bow shackle
  • Zinc plated twist screws to secure to forks
  • Maximum fork section 100 x 45mm at 220mm centres
  • Painted orange for high visibility
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Turn your forklift into a mini mobile crane with this completely adjustable fork mounted lifting hook

The fork mounted lifting hook is a simple, cost-efficient and safe method of adapting a standard forklift truck into a mobile crane. The lifting hook is kept stable thanks to strong zinc plated twist screws which secure the attachment to the forks. The lifting hook is completely adjustable along the fork blade (except the taper) and is supplied with the hook and bow shackle. A large 1000kg capacity gives you freedom to lift and manoeuvre a number of objects as and when required.

Additional information

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