Air Pillow System

£1,782.96  (INCL. VAT)

  • Compatible with the PW1  system
  • Creates single chamber void fill air pillows
  • Film thickness 20 micron
  • Roll width 210mm
  • Roll length 700 meter
  • Dimensions H x W x D (mm)  232 x 316 x 413 extending base increased width 466


Reduce packaging waste with  Single Chamber Air Pillow Film.

This film creates single chamber void fill air pillows, adding protection when packaging products, preventing damage during transportation. As the film is filled with air it means that there is a reduction in the amount of packaging protection your products will need. This film is compatible with the PW1 AirWave™ system and is 30 micron thick. The roll is 210mm wide and comes in a length of 700 meters allowing you to package lots of products with a single roll.