Anti-Skid Additive Floor Paint Grit – 5 litres

£64.39  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

  • Grit designed for use with  Industrial Floor Paint
  • Increases grip in both dry and wet conditions
  • Improve safety in and around your workplace
  • Simply add the grit to the paint tin, mix and apply with a brush or roller
  • This will add a course texture to the finish of the paint and will not be smooth


Anti-skid additive turns ordinary floor paint into an anti-slip surface, simply mix in and get painting!

Achieve a non-slip painted floor by simply adding this grit to your chosen colour of Industrial Floor Paint. The finish will be a course but hard wearing texture what will improve safety by proving grip in both wet and dry conditions. It’s very easy and simply to use, just add the grit to the paint to your required consistency and apply to the ground with a brush or roller. For best results use in conjunction with Floor Prime and Seal.