Anti-Slip Industrial Floor Paint – 5 Litre Tins

£138.75  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

  • Incorporates anti-slip qualities
  • A single tin is able to cover up to 20 square metres of floor
  • Quick drying & no mixing components are required
  • High resistance to cleaning agents and chemicals commonly used on floors
  • Anti-slip qualities mean this paint is suitable for use in forklift areas
  • Naturally dirt repellent and easy to clean


Anti-Slip Industrial Floor Paint With A Choice Of 5 Colours

The Anti-Slip Industrial Floor Paint is a heavy duty industrial floor paint suitable for use on the floor space of a multitude of different environments. The Anti-Slip industrial floor paint is easily applied to your warehouse floor, retail floor and other surfaces using a standard roller, simply apply a layer to the floor surface after cleaning, can also be applied using spray guns across concrete, tarmac, screed and porous tiles. The industrial paint has been manufactured for use in heavy trafficked areas in both industrial and commercial areas. The anti-slip properties within the mix make it the ideal paint for areas where slip hazards have been identified.

The Anti-Slip Industrial Floor Paint allows you to transforms tired looking floors into vibrant new looking floor spaces, a selection of colours are available allowing the user to colour code work areas by floor colour.

Available easy to carry 5 litre tins each of which can easily cover up to 20 square metres. After application, the painted area will be highly resistant to oils, solvents and detergents meaning no need to change cleaning and maintenance routines.