Automatic Drum Clamps for Forklifts


Key Features

  • Automatically engages and disengages without driver having to leave their seat
  • The heavier the drum the tighter the grip
  • Designed for lifting 210 litre drums
  • Max fork size: 178 x 58mm
  • Options available for use with steel or plastic drums
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These automatic forklift drum clamps are manufactured to automatically engage and disengage, without the need for the driver to leave their seat. These products have been designed for use with 210 litre capacity drums. An added safety feature ensures the heavier the drum, the tighter the clamp will grip.

There are two types of forklift drum clamp to choose from depending on the type of drum you intend to lift. The forklift drum clamp for steel drums is capable of lifting loads up to 680kg. The forklift drum clamp designed for plastic drum lifting will take weights of up to 450kg.

Additional information


Forklift Drum Clamp for 210L Plastic Drums, Forklift Drum Clamp for 210L Steel Drums

Fork Spacing (mm)

344 / 700

Max Fork Section (mm)

178 x 58

Capacity (kg)

450, 680