Bench Tape Dispensers


  • Available in clamp-on, heavy duty, triple core, in addition to the standard dispenser
  • Core diameter of 75mm – except on the PD317 model which has a 25mm core
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Bench tape dispensers are essential for any busy warehouse or storeroom. When large numbers of items need to be shipped or boxes have to be stored over a longer period, having packing tape at hand is essential.

There are several types of dispensers which are ideal for warehouse use. Clamp-on designs provide extra stability in a busy environment, making them less likely to fall from the bench. Heavy duty options are well-suited to a workplace where large volumes of tape have to be unrolled at a time.

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25mm Core Tape Dispenser, Clamp on Bench Tape Dispenser, Heavy Duty Dual Tape Dispenser, Triple Core Tape Dispenser

Size W X L

1 x 50mm or 2 x 25mm, 19-25mm x 33m, 1x 50mm or 2x 25mm x 132m, 3x 25mm,1x 25 & 2x 50mm or 1x 75mm x 66m