Bin Rails for BA/BC/BQ/BS Workbenches


Key Features

Bin rails provide space for several storage bins
You also need to purchase a pair of rear support posts which are sold separately. The larger 1180mm high rear posts are required if you plan on using light support rails & the smaller 760mm high posts are suitable for use with all other workbench accessories
Storage bins sold separately

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Accessorize your BQ square tube workbenches, BC cantilever workbenches & Manual height adjustable workbenches with a bin rail.

The bin rails with plastic containers for BC/BQ/BS workbenches are an optional extra and, as such, will have to be ordered separately from the workbench. They enable the easy fitting of storage bins to the workbench which can help to keep the work area more organised and efficient. The bin rails are available in several lengths, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm making them suitable for a variety of different workbench sizes. They will easily fit the square tube benches, the cantilever benches, the heavy duty benches and the height adjustable benches.

The bin rail offers plenty of space for several storage bins, which can also be bought separately in a range of sizes and colours. They are ideal for holding smaller items such as nuts, bolts, washers and screws, but can also be used to store items that are regularly needed at the workbench such as a tape measure, small tools and tape.

The rear support posts will be required to use this item. The support posts can also be bought separately and come in a variety of sizes to suit the work bench. If light fittings are to be used, then the larger rear support posts will be required.

Bin Rails with Plastic Containers for BC/BQ/BS Workbenches is perhaps the easiest way of storing all items close to hand and enable an efficient and organised workspace at all times.

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1200mm Bin Rail, 1500mm Bin Rail, 1800mm Bin Rail


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