Black 12mm Heavy Duty Polypropylene Strapping Reels 1500m

£31.99  (INCL. VAT)

  • Extruded polypropylene manual strapping band
  • 12mm wide strapping
  • Choice of breaking strains
  • Plastic reel core
  • Available in black, blue and white


Used in warehouses, distribution centres and workshops, 12mm polypropylene strapping reels are a great way of securing loads to pallets, to package items for delivery and to add reinforcement to stored loads. Plastic strapping is commonly used to secure loads and add tension to containers, ensuring they don’t accidentally open, spill or fall. Polypropylene is known for being economical and can be used for light to medium packaging tasks. Plastic strapping can also make packages easier to handle.

This particular item of strapping is available in three colours, white, black and blue, with breaking strains from 150-270kg (B/S refers to the approximate weight/tension that the strapping can hold). This makes it suitable for a wide variety of strapping jobs, from light to medium duty. Strapping can be used in conjunction with metal seals for an accurate and safe way to transport and store goods, although care must be taken to choose the correct size seals.

The cylindrical shape of the 12mm reel makes it easy to use and store; it is simply a matter of pulling at the strapping until all items have been correctly tensioned. Any excess is then wound back onto the reel for future use.