Bott Heavy Duty Aluminium Transit Containers


  • Tremendous strength, but light in weight
  • Totally rust free – aluminium body with stainless steel hinges
  • Cast aluminium stacking locators in each corner
  • Tough plastic protected grip handles for easy use and protection against rust
  • Over-centre clasps accept seals or padlock (3mm max shackle dia)
  • Each handle can lift 35kg
  • Recessed base prevents ingress of moisture when stored on damp floor
  • Retaining strap on lid prevents hinge damage
  • Rubber seal on body / lid point gives shower proof container
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Product description

Ideal for transportation and storage of valuable or delicate items, especially where weight is an issue

This is an efficient storage system provided by robust lightweight containers with tremendous strength, providing effective security and protection for valuable or delicate items that are stored within.

This range of heavy duty aluminium transit containers has been designed to meet most needs; they come equipped with easy to use grip handles that can take large loads.

The boxes themselves have an aluminium body with stainless steel hinges, protecting them from corrosion.

To ensure effective and efficient storage there are cast aluminium stacking locators in each corner, enabling the containers to be stacked simply and securely while at the same time saving space. Another key feature of the boxes is the protection they give to contents. Each box is shower proof, and comes with a special protective seal to stop water getting into boxes. Further protection against the elements is given by a recessed base to prevent moisture creeping in if the containers need to be stored in damp environments.

The boxes come in a range of sizes to suit all needs. They are designed with weight in mind; although lightweight themselves, each handle can lift 35kg.

The containers are secure, as each centre clasp can take a seal or a padlock depending on the level of security required.

Additional information

External H x W x D (mm)

250 x 585 x 385, 340 x 785 x 385, 410 x 585 x 385, 410 x 785 x 585, 510 x 1185 x 785, 610 x 785 x 585

Dimensions H x W x D (mm)

220 x 550 x 350, 310 x 750 x 350, 380 x 550 x 350, 380 x 750 x 550, 480 x 1150 x 750, 580 x 750 x 550