Bott Industrial Moulded Chair, High-Lift Classic with Footrest

£293.76  (INCL. VAT)

  • Suitable for a range of workstation sizes due to the gas lift adjustable height feature
  • Back rest column rake adjusts up to 10º
  • Adjustable back-rest for back support
  • The seat-pad pivots automatically move according to your posture
  • Seat squab inclination can free float or be fixed at angle to suit the user
  • Height adjustable ring-type footrest provides support to the feet for improved balance and comfort
  • Thick moulded foam for extra strength and longevity
  • Five star glide base for extra sturdiness
  • Black colour to compliment any workshop décor
  • Quality chair made in the UK
  • Seat Height (mm) 550-800


Industrial chair finished in moulded dense foam to give long lasting use

Seating within a workshop is very important, as some manual tasks are best done whilst sitting down. It can also help to provide comfort when needing to rest after standing up for long periods of time. Safety may also be improved with the use of seating as good balance is often required when operating dangerous tools. Seating can be used at a number of different workstations and workbenches.

Industrial moulded seating – high lift classic chair with footrest has dimensions of 550mm to 800mm high using an adjustable mechanism.

Bott industrial moulded seating is perfect for workshop environments as it is protected from tears and other damage due to the strong material used in its design. It can easily be cleaned in order to keep it in a decent condition and moving it around is also easy, providing the option to sit at different workstations whilst working on various tasks. If you’re looking for a low-lift alternative, the Bott Low Lift Classic industrial chair is the perfect choice.