Bott Industrial Moulded Chair, High-Lift with Foot Ring

£335.75  (INCL. VAT)

  • High-lift chair with quality adjustment features
  • Back rest column rake adjusts up to 10º
  • The backrest is made from vinyl that can be wiped clean with ease
  • It can also be adjusted according to height
  • Back support pad pivots to automatically adjust to individual posture
  • Seat squab inclination can free float or be fixed at angle to suit the user
  • Seat height adjustment by top quality gas lift
  • Ringed footrest for extra comfort and stability
  • Footrest is height adjustable
  • Soft, high-lift, moulded deep-contoured seat for ultimate comfort
  • Glide base allows it to be moved around easily
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Seat Height (mm) 550-800


High lift soft, moulded deep contour seat and backrest in wipe-clean vinyl

Seating is an important part of any workshop. Manual work can be completed standing up, but some work is best done when seated due to the better balance that it provides and it can be safer when doing certain tasks involving machinery. It can also be a great way to rest after standing up for most of the day and provides good back support.

Bott industrial moulded seating – high lift comfort with foot ring is 550mm to 800m high with a five-star glide base for a stable and strong design.

The seat can be used in many different types of workshops. It can be placed at a workstation or a workbench and provides a safer option when operating machinery or using sharp tools. If you prefer a lower chair, the Bott Low Lift Comfort industrial chair may be the one for you.