Bottom Empty Skip

Key Features

  • 125mm diameter nylon castors fitted as standard
  • Internally reinforced sides and lap welded corners
  • Unique automatic releasing and locking mechanism
  • Zinc plated heel pins for safe attachment to truck
  • Painted bright orange (RAL2008) for safety
  • Optional different colour finish for waste separation / department
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Automatic bottom empty skips allow the simple but effective disposal of light to medium weight waste when being automatically emptied into high sided yard skips via the base release mechanism, without the driver leaving the safety of their seat.

Many factories use two bottom empty skips for enhanced waste segregation. Choose from three capacities, 550kg, 750kg and 950kg.

Every factory or warehouse manager knows the real value of skips, the large open-topped waste containers used to collect light to medium weight waste and scrap materials. This automatic bottom empty skip allows for the simple and effective disposal of factory waste in just minutes, and because an automatic opening mechanism is provided the operator never has to leave the safety of his or her cab.

These industrial waste bins are ideal for common factory and warehouse waste and are easily emptied via the drop bottom base, which features self-closing latches. Once the bottom has been opened, all waste is quickly and completely cleared thanks to the streamlined design of the skip. Fitted with heavy-duty castors, the skip can be easily manoeuvred by hand, without the need for a forklift or similar vehicle.

The movement and disposal of factory or warehouse waste is made significantly more efficient with this bottom empty skip, which is designed to be loaded onto a specialised lorry for emptying directly into a landfill or transfer station. Keeping a warehouse or factory tidy is made significantly easier by installing a bottom empty skip with the following features:

Additional information

Nominal Capacity (m3)

0.80, 1.20, 1.45

Capacity (kg)

550, 750, 950

Max Fork Section (mm)

150 x 50

Fork Centres (mm)


Length (mm)

1050, 850

Body Height (mm)

1050, 1200, 1500

Body Width (mm)