Box Strapping Seals Standard 12 x 25mm Pack of 2000

£34.20  (INCL. VAT)

  • Semi-open metal seals for 12mm extruded polypropylene strap
  • Seal width 12mm
  • Seal length 25mm
  • 2,000 per carton


Strapping is widely used in the packaging of items, enabling them to be bundled onto pallets or securely fixed together for easy storage and transportation. It can also be used to reinforce boxes and crates, for securing loads and for ensuring containers are properly closed. When used in conjunction with metal seals for 12mm polypropylene strapping it offers an extra level of security, particularly in the delivery process and can also make packages easier to handle.

Offering the ultimate in security to the strapping process, metal seals can be used to fix straps in place, so that they are more difficult to break apart. Added when the strapping has been fully tensioned, metal seals are relatively quick and simple to attach. They provide further reinforcement should the strap become compromised and are difficult to remove without using excessive force.

This bulk buy of 2,000 metal seals offers an ideal storage solution, enabling many strapping jobs to be completed and secured. Each metal seal slides easily on to the 12mm strapping and using a sealer, is crimped in place to ensure a tight fit.

Metal seals can be purchased along with strapping reels, although it is important to ensure that the correct size of seal is purchased. Ill-fitting seals will not provide the highest level of security.