BUCKLE STRAP KIT 12mm x 600m

£35.85  (INCL. VAT)

  • Tool-free occasional-use polypropylene strapping kit
  • No tensioner or sealer required
  • 12mm x 600 meter polypropylene strap in handy dispenser box
  • 200 plastic strapping buckles
  • Weight 5.36kg


The use of polypropylene strapping is increasing in packing environments and this handy kit contains everything that is required. The polypropylene strapping and buckle kit features a handy carrying handle so that it can easily be moved to wherever it is needed. The whole box weighs just 5.36kg when it is full, so there are few manual handling issues associated with this unit. For those workplaces that have a sustainability policy, the box is fully recyclable when it is empty.

Using the kit is very easy and those that try it will find that it saves having to use any tools. The strapping included in the pack is 600 metres long and 12mm wide. There are also 200 buckles included in the pack. The dispenser style of the pack makes it very easy to use and is ideal for making the packing process easier.

Portable kits such as this are important in the workplace when packing items. Not everything can be moved to a packing table or other area easily, particularly if the items are being packed onto a pallet which is not very mobile. Being able to move packing materials around is essential and it can help to improve efficiency in the long-term.