Complete Number & Letter Stencil Kits


Key Features

  • Create your own customer message when you want with our number & letter stencil kits
  • Choose from a range of stencil sizes from 50mm stencils to 200mm stencils
  • PVC stencils with laser cut letters / numbers
  • Engraved spacer marks on the corners of each stencil allow you to accurately line up the next character
  • Ideal for quickly creating custom messages wherever needed
  • A wider range of industrial stencils containing printed messages are available
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Letters and numbers industrial stencil kits

When you really need to get the message across, reach for these useful stencil kits. Available in various sizes, the kits are sold in complete kits of letters and numbers, or just numbers, or just letters. Take your pick and get stencilling.

Additional information

Kit Type

Letters & Numbers (A-Z & 0-9), Letters Only (A-Z), Numbers Only (0-9)

Stencil Size (mm)

100, 150, 200, 50