Container / Bin Rail for TPH workbenches


Key Features

  • Hanging bin rails suitable for use with TPH workbench.
  • Easily attachable between the top shelf uprights on the back of the workbench.
  • Various kinds of plastic parts bins and storage containers can be attached to the rails.
  • Available in three sizes of 1115mm, 1415mm and 1715mm width.
  • Strong hanging bin rails for supporting multiple containers and bins


Hanging Bin rails for use on TPH benches with top shelves 1200mm, 1500mm or 1800mm wide.

The functionality of the TPH workbenches can be increased with the use of several kinds of accessories. An essential requirement of workstations is to increase the storage space of the bench. The containers or bins used for increasing the storage capacity of the TPH workbenches need rails to keep them attached to the workstation. One of the simple ways to attach the containers or bins to the workstation is through the use of hanging container or bin rails. These attachable accessories are designed for use with TPH workbenches.

The container or bin rails can be easily fixed between the top shelf uprights on the back of the workbench. These container rails can be used to attach various kinds of plastic part bins or storage containers. The bin rails are strong units made from aluminium. The robust rails are available in three different sizes having widths of 1115mm, 1415mm and 1715mm. They are suitable for use with TPH workbenches with top shelves of 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm.

The flexible and easy-to-use hanging bin rails are the perfect accessories to enhance the usefulness of the modular workstation.

Additional information

Width (mm)

1115, 1415, 1715

For Bench

TPH712, TPH715/915, TPH718/918


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