Drum Grab Attachment 350kg Capacity

£140.85  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

  • Lift open, closed and loaded steel drums around with the aid of this drum grab
  • 350kg carrying capacity
  • Suitable for use with 205ltr drums
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Pivot pin allows each drum hand to be moved allowing the operator to easily fit the hands around the diameter of the drum
  • Do not use on drums with removable lids


350kg capacity drum grab attachment for use with hoists or relevant forklift attachments.

It is a common site in modern day workshops and warehouses to see steel drums filled with potentially dangerous chemicals / flammable liquids. 95% of the time these drums can’t be moved / lifted by hand or with other lifting equipment due to their weight and contents, but through the use of a drum grab attachment your engine cranes, and hoists can be used to safely transport these dangerous drums.

This grabber can be used on open, closed and loaded steel drums but not drums with a removable top. The heavy duty construction provides added strength enabling up to 350kgs to be lifted at one time, the grabber hands are suitable for use with 205ltr drums and can be widened when necessary thanks to the pivot pin and as you raise the drum grab the hands will close fixing themselves to the ridges of the drum.

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