Drum Rotator forklift attachment


Key Features

  • The Drum Rotator forklift attachment is secured to the forklift forks with T-bar clamping screws, which ensures that it will not slip off or move about when it is in use.
  • The drum is held onto the rotating attachment with a 200mm-wide steel girdle harness. This harness has two ratchet clamps that can be easily tightened and do not slip when the drum is rotated through 360 degrees.
  • The rotator attachment is supplied with a certificate of testing so that the operator knows it has been fully checked for any defects.
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Handling large drums is a common problem for any company. They are difficult to move not only due to their weight but also due to their size and shape; there are no easy hand grips to move them around safely.

It may be necessary to move drums to load them, or so that their contents can be used, and in the latter case it may also be important to rotate the drum a few times to ensure that the liquid inside is mixed properly. This drum rotator attachment for a forklift does exactly that, and takes away the risk of injury to people or damage to the drums if they have to be rotated by hand.

Using a mechanical device to rotate drums is far safer than trying to do it by hand, and this Drum Rotator device fits onto a forklift truck and is a cheap way of utilising machinery that is already available.

Additional information

Capacity Steel / Plastic Drum (kg)

360 / 250


Orange, Yellow

Dimensions H x L x W (mm)

1200 x 800 x 390