Electrical Insulating Strip for ESD Service Duct

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Key Features

The Electrical Insulating Strip for an ESD Service Duct provides several benefits:
It provides an inexpensive form of insulation.
It helps keep wires in place within the service duct.
It contributes to workplace safety.



Static dissipative accessory for workbenches.

It is essential that safety be maintained at all times when working with electrical tools at the workbench. One way to ensure this is with an Electrical Insulating Strip for ESD Service Duct. This Electrical Insulating strip guards against the potential harm that can be caused by static electricity.

There are two types of service duct available with an ESD workbench. These are the post mount electrical surface duct and the surface mount electrical surface duct. This Electrical Insulating Strip is compatible with both types.

There are many types of accessories available for workbenches. They help make the bench more versatile, and, depending on the type of accessory, can improve the workflow and hence increase production.

Electrical Insulating Strips used in conjunction with ESD Service Ducts are known as static dissipative accessories for workbenches. This very much describes their use: they are able to dissipate static electricity which has the potential to damage tools and machinery and can pose a threat to the individual engaged in production at the workbench.


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