Electronic Water Activated Tape Dispenser High Capacity

£2,005.14  (INCL. VAT)

  • Automatically dispenses pre-moistened lengths of plain or reinforced tape
  • Colour coded keys pre-set for popular tape lengths from 150 -145mm and 12.7mm increments up to 3050mm
  • Repeat function dispenses same pre-set length automatically as previous length is removed from dispenser
  • Can dispense pre-set tape length configurations for complete carton seal sequence
  • Minimum/maximum tape width: 25-76mm
  • Maximum roll length: 303 meters
  • Dispensing speed: 1.14 meters per second
  • Integral 1.89 litre reservoir and wetting system evenly activates adhesive across the whole tape width
  • Dimensions (mm)  320 x 300 x 510
  • Power supply 220V
  • Optional accessories available


This piece of kit will make short work of creating pre-moistened strips of tape, ready to be used for packing requirements. With more buttons than you’d think possible for a tape dispenser, this beauty will allow you to perform all manner of tricks, such as creating pre-sets for common tape configurations or automatically dispensing pre-set lengths on demand.