Euroslide 600 Superbench Fixed Cabinets


Key Features

Range of cabinets available to use with Euroslide Superbench
Not included with purchase of Superbench but all fully compatible
Different sizes available to fit benches of all sizes
Cabinets and drawer dividers constructed from steel
Cabinets have 100kg drawer capacity
All 600 Superbench cabinets 620 x 600 x 650mm except for EUC276065D
which measures 275 x 600 x 650mm
All 900 Superbench cabinets 620 x 900 x 650mm
Accessory: 600 Superbench Cabinet
Various other accessories available, please see catalogue or call us for details

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Customise your workbench with these fantastic accessories

This brilliant range of cabinets are available to use with the Euroslide Superbench; they are not included with the purchase of the Superbench, however they are fully compatible and will allow you to customise the workbench to suit your requirements, creating a bespoke unit that is ideal for you.

They are available in a choice of four colours; red, blue, green or dark grey in order to match your preferences and they come in a range of different sizes to fit benches of all sizes. The drawers are robust with a 100kg capacity, so storing tools and other equipment is straightforward, even the drawer dividers are constructed from steel.

Create the workbench of your dreams, giving yourself enough room and flexibility to house all of your required tools and implements to work with peace of mind and have everything within close reach. Various other accessories are available, call us for details.

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1x 100mm, 3x 150mm Drawers, 1x 150mm, 2x 200mm Drawers, 1x 550mm Cupboard, 2x 100mm Drawers, 2x 100mm Drawers and 1x 300mm Cupboard, 2x 100mm, 1x 150mm and 1x 200mm Drawers, 4x 100mm, 1x 150mm Drawers


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