Extension BQ Workbench with Lino top


Key Features

Lino worktop
Will not accept accessories above the bench
Lino worktops vary in colour, we will do our best to match shades for multiple bench orders but this cannot be guaranteed
View the General Purpose BQ Workbench with Lino Top to go with these extension benches.

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Square tube extension bench for general purpose workbenches.

Workbench extensions are used to increase the amount of worktop and the amount of accessories that can be used when carrying out a particular job. There is also an extension workbench for use with General Purpose Workbenches with Lino Tops.

The Extension BQ Workbench with Lino Top is a match for the general-purpose variety. However, shades do vary with lino, so there is no guarantee that the shade of colour for the extension lino top will match that for the BQ workbench.

One major difference between the extension BQ workbench and the general-purpose bench is compatibility with accessories. Accessories are important for both the extension and general-purpose BQ benches as they increase versatility. However, with the extension no accessories can be fitted that sit above the height of the bench. Nevertheless, it is still compatible with a wide range of add-ons and extensions.

This BQ Workbench Extension allows businesses to install extra storage such as a lower shelf and cupboards and drawers below the worktop surface, an important consideration when space is at a premium.

Another important point when ordering an Extension BQ Workbench with Lino Top is that it will be as strong and durable as the matching general purpose workbench. This will ensure that the workshop will have increased worktop space able to stand up to the rigours demanded for years to come.

Additional information

Dimensions H x W x D (mm)

840 x 1200 x 600, 840 x 1200 x 750, 840 x 900 x 600


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