Extension Cantilever Workbenches With Neostat Surface


Key Features

Cantilever extension benches 900mm or 1200mm wide x 600mm deep with Neostat or Lamstat work surfaces
The Neostat work surfaces are available with a grey or blue top
840mm high
Extension benches can only except certain accessories – speak with our technical sales team for more information
Ideal for creating a larger working space.
Can easily be added to existing workbenches.
Variety of size means that they are ideal for most working environments.
The design of the benches also means that there is space for a chair to fit underneath as with the standard bench.

Lamstat worktop is hard surface that is highly resistant to abrasions, scratches and heat. Neostat is a rubber work surface which is solder proof, softer and has a better grip

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No matter how large the workbench, the work always seems to fill it very quickly. Adding one of the Extension Benches for ESD BC Cantilever Workbenches is one way in which the workspace can easily be lengthened. The extensions can be purchased in the same sizes as the actual benches so that there is a neat continuation; they can easily be placed at the side of the bench to make it longer, or at a right angle if required.

The benches are available in a width of either 900mm or 1200mm and come in a standard depth of 600mm. There is a choice of either a Neostat or Lamstat work surface for the bench. Each of the extensions is 840mm in height. Unlike the main workstation bench, the Extension Benches for ESD BC Cantilever Workbenches are not designed to have accessories fitted to them; they are simply a continuation of workspace.

Having the additional working space means that staff members can become more organised and be more productive as a result. It can also help with health and safety matters when items do not need to be placed on the floor and are kept within easy reach.

Additional information

Dimensions W x D (mm)

840 x 1200 x 600, 840 x 900 x 600


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