Extension Workbenches With Lamstat Surface


Key Features

Extension benches 900mm or 1200mm wide x 600mm deep with Neostat or Lamstat work surfaces
Neostat work surfaces are available in Grey or Blue
840mm high
Extension benches can only except certain accessories due to one support leg – Speak with our technical sales team for more information
Lamstat worktop is hard surface that is highly resistant to abrasions, scratches and heat. Neostat is a rubber work surface which is solder proof, softer and has a better grip

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Anyone who has ever tried to work in a small space will know how valuable that extra bit of worksurface can be. The extension benches for general purpose ESD workbenches are designed to provide that additional bit of working space. Designed to go alongside the standard ESD workbenches, they come in a range of sizes but, unlike the main workbenches, they are not suitable for accessories such as extra shelves.

The extension benches for general purpose ESD workbenches come in a variety of sizes. They can be either 900mm or 1200mm wide and will measure 600mm in depth. The surface of the extension benches can be either Lamstat or Neostat and this can be chosen to match the original workbenches. The height of the workbench is a standard 840mm. The right workstation space is essential in any workplace to ensure that every member of staff is as productive as possible. Workbenches such as these are ideal as they offer various storage options as well as a large worksurface area. Workplaces such as warehouses, packing areas and manufacturing companies will find these extension benches both practical and stylish.

Additional information

Bench Size W x D (mm)

1200 x 600, 900 x 600


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