Fork Extension Sleeves


Key Features

  • Bolt on forklift fork extension sleeves
  • Slip on extensions which reduce the overall height by 6mm are available on request
  • Secured with a removable zinc plated steel bar and safety lynch pin
  • Fork extensions are 69mm deep overall
  • Manufactured from 6mm material
  • Fully formed and profiled toe section reinforced for additional strength
  • Supplied in pairs
  • Finished in a semi gloss black (RAL9005)
  • Fork extensions do not affect the carrying capacity of the forklift

Note: When ordering please specify overall length of extension shoe, existing fork length, width and thickness

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A simple and effective handling solution for the occasional need to stabilise long and awkward loads without the risk of damage.

The need for rapid and efficient handling in modern warehouses, loading docks and factories can often lead to compromises in driver safety, as well as damaged equipment and goods. Fork extension sleeves help minimise these risks in an easy and cost-effective way.

Standard forks are often too short for oversized pallets and attempting to lift or transport loads or goods that are wider than the forks can be dangerous. When there is an insufficient load-bearing surface supporting the load while lifting, the entire forklift could potentially tip over. The fork extension sleeve is a simple, inexpensive and safe way to extend the lift truck fork.

Constructed using heavy-duty steel, these fork extension sleeves slide easily onto existing forks and offer a simple and effective solution to handling the occasional long or awkward load and pallet without the risk of damage or injury. These fork sleeves are secured in place by a removable zinc plated steel bar and safety lynch pin, ensuring that the sleeves do not come loose whilst lifting heavy pallets and valuable goods.

When placing an order for these fork extension sleeves, it is necessary to specify the total length of the extension shoe, width and thickness, existing fork length to ensure a correct fit.

Fork extension sleeves are available in nine sizes dependant on length required and the width of your fork lifts standard forks. All fork extension sleeves are sold in pairs.

Additional information

Fork Dimensions (mm)

100 x 1830, 100 x 2130, 100 x 2438, 125 x 1830, 125 x 2130, 125 x 2438, 150 x 2130, 150 x 2438