Galvanised Steel Buckles 13mm box of 1000


  • Choose from 13mm, 16mm or 19mm wide buckles
  • Galvanised steel construction provides high strength and corrosion resistance
  • Sold in boxes of 1000 buckles
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Metal buckles for woven polyester strapping

Buckles are among the most basic yet most essential items used in the heavy duty packaging of large-scale shipments. The buckles for woven polyester strapping can be supplied in three different sizes, depending on the size of strapping they are to be used with. The strong, corrosion-resistant buckles provide a reliable complement to sturdy woven polyester strapping, for use in all sorts of packaging and bundling situations. All buckle sizes are supplied in packs of 1000.

Fit buckles and strapping securely and with confidence by purchasing this convenient industrial size and industrial-strength boxes, each of which contains 1,000 buckles. Together, the strapping and buckles provide a robust and weather-resistant method of securing pallets and packages ready for transport. For ease of use, the buckle and strapping dispensers can be provided separately.

The boxes of 1,000 buckles, which are available in three different widths, are a made to measure match for compatible reels of woven polyester strapping, which are sold separately. The weight of the box varies, according to the size of the buckles. Boxes of 13mm buckles weigh 9.7kg each.

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13mm Metal Buckles, Box of 1000, 16mm Metal Buckles, Box of 1000, 19mm Metal Buckles, Box of 1000