GRP Stair Nosing Covers – 30 x 70 mm

£11.80  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

  • 4mm thick, robust construction for heavy duty use
  • 87° degree angle and chamfered edge
  • Easily applied to wood, metal or concrete steps
  • Fire retardant additives, conforms to ASTM E84
  • Suitable for use in wet, oily and greasy areas
  • Anti-slip tested to BS7976.2
  • Choice of black, yellow or white nosing
  • Increases safety on outdoor steps


Anti-slip stair edging strips in black, yellow and white

Anti-slip stair nosing covers are designed to withstand vigorous use and harsh conditions making them idea for both outdoor and indoor use, commonly found in public areas like play grounds, shopping centres, car parks, shopping centres and walkways near water. Made from a strong GRP fibreglass that is able to cope with the toughest conditions and high foot fall.

They have a ‘gritty’ surface that provides fantastic friction on the sole of your footwear that gives you grip to prevent slips and falls, highly effective in wet conditions and even in situations where there could be oil or grease on the ground or on your footwear. The covers fix directly over the edge of steps and are ideal on all materials including, concrete, metal and wood. Available in black, yellow or white.