GRP Stair Nosing Covers – 55H x 55Dmm

£6.79  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

  • Tough GRP fibreglass construction
  • Designed to withstand the harshest of conditions
  • Provides an easy and cost-effective way to increase safety on stairways
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be applied to any existing wood, metal or concrete steps
  • Conforms to ASTM E84
  • Heavy duty grit surface protects against separation which can be a common problem with metal backed alternatives
  • Impregnated fire-retardant additives ensure excellent fire and heat resistance


Fibreglass anti-slip covers for increased safety on steps and stairs

Stair tread and nosing covers are made from a tough GRP fibreglass construction and are manufactured to cope with the toughest of weather conditions. The stair nosings are suitable for fixing directly onto the front of your metal, wooden or concrete steps and quickly and easily create an safe edge to your step. The ‘gritty’ surface to the nosing provides excellent grip for footwear, even in wet conditions. All of these grippy stair nosings measure 55mm high by 55mm deep and come in a selection of widths ranging from 300mm wide all the way up to a lengthy 3 metres, for you to find the best match for your steps. There’s even a colour choice of white, black or high visibility yellow, which is ideal for dark environments, or where steps may be difficult to notice, or you may just enjoy their sunshiney nature.

Used indoors or outside, these anti-slip stair nosings are also water, oil and chemical resistant, making them a great way of helping to minimise accidents in a wide range of situations. These GRP stair nosings are a common sight in public areas such as schools, playgrounds, multi-storey car parks, shopping centres and building entrances.