Handy Bin / Skip

£1,519.07  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

  • Made to order
  • Each bin has an open top to make loading faster and easier
  • Emptying of the bins is made easy with self-closing latches on the base
  • All of the 750kg bins have castors, making them easy to move without a forklift
  • Each bin has fork pockets measuring 180mm by 75mm to enable lifting with forklift trucks
  • The 2000kg bin is especially designed to deal with heavier items or materials such as steel and building materials
  • Use of the bins can help ensure compliance with ISO 14001 requirements


Making waste and recycling management easier.

The removal of waste from workplaces helps to reduce the risk of accidents, and this Handy Bin/Skip makes waste management easy. The bin comes in three different sizes. The AHB10 bin measures 970mm (height) x 1650mm (width) x 1020mm (depth), has a volume of 1 cubic metre and weighs 150kg. The AHB15 measures 1320mm (height) x 1650mm (width) x 1020mm (depth), has a volume of 1.5 cubic metres and weighs 190kg. The AXHB10 measures 1250mm (height) x 1150mm (width) x 1130mm (depth), has a volume of 1 cubic metre and weighs 340kg. The capacity of the AHB10 and AHB15 bin is 750kg whilst for the AXHB10 bin it is 2000kg.

A bin that makes the removal of waste quick and easy is essential when working on sites that generate a lot of waste material. The Handy Bin/Skip comes in a range of colours and is sturdily built to withstand frequent use. The larger sized bin is also able to cope with heavier items such as building materials.