Heavy Duty 12mm Extruded Polyester Strapping

£180.53  (INCL. VAT)

  • For extruded polyester and polypropylene strapping
  • Choose between sealer for 12mm or 16mm seals
  • Chrome handles with strong hardened steel jaw
  • Enables easy sealing of compression seals


Safeguard Heavy Duty 12mm Offset Jaw Sealer

When the simple sealing of packages is not enough, sometimes there is a need to have a polyester strapping around the package for extra security and to ensure a tighter seal. The heavy duty sealer for extruded polyester strapping is available in a choice of 12 mm and 16 mm sizes. Both types weigh 2 kg, making them easy to handle and ensuring that there are no manual handling issues. They come with sturdy chrome handles and each have a strong hardened steel jaw that ensures the tightest possible seal.

No specialist training is needed in order to operate the heavy duty sealer for 12 mm and 16 mm extruded polyester strapping. The heavy duty sealer is ideally suited for use with branded polyester strapping for the best results. Also suitable for use with the heavy duty tensioner/cutter for 12-19 mm extruded polyester strapping, and with serrated seals for extruded polyester strapping.

This type of packaging is often seen on pallets and wooden crates and will remain in place until it is cut off.


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