Heavy Duty 12mm Sealer for Crimping Metal Seals

£46.05  (INCL. VAT)

  • Hand operated sealer for extruded polypropylene strapping
  • Maximum strap width 12mm
  • Single notch action releases the sealer easily from tightly strapped packs
  • Long handles makes crimping easier
  • Strong steel crimping jaws


Used to keep containers closed or to ensure that boxes and cartons remain on their pallets, strapping is an industry-approved method of storing and transporting goods. Once a strap has been tensioned; stretched to the correct tightness around its cargo, it has to be fastened to itself. This is normally achieved with a metal clip or seal, which is attached with a sealer for crimping metal seals on polypropylene strapping.

In order to secure metal strapping seals around strapping, to protect it against strains and breaks, the sealer tool, in combination with the tensioner, is designed to pull the strapping to the required tension before being held in place and crimped. The texture of the crimped metal seal forms a strong frictional force, which prevents the strapping from coming apart and allows for a greater level of security. This, combined with the strength of the strapping, forms a reliable bond around boxes, containers and cargos, keeping them in place and tightly shut.

Unlike some of the bulkier combination tools, the sealer tool is relatively lightweight and easy to use, making it ideal for use on even the smallest of workbenches. It can be transported easily between workstations and is easy for one person to use. Its extended handles give leverage to the crimping motion, making it easy to operate, while the steel jaws ensure that all metal seals are firmly fastened onto the strapping.