Heavy Duty 12mm Sealless Combination Tool

£724.55  (INCL. VAT)

  • Ideal for heavy usage flat steel strapping
  • 0.6mm maximum steel strap thickness
  • Punching action doesn’t require separate seals
  • Tool life extended by reversible punching dies


Product description

Rugged tool which tensions, cuts and seals steel strapping to itself

The adjustable seal-less combination tool is the all-in-one tool for any workplace that uses steel strapping to secure their parcels and packages securely. It is a hardwearing tool that can replace three other tools, making it very cost effective. The combination tool can apply the right tension to the steel strapping as it is being tightened around the package, it can cut the steel strapping to the appropriate size, and it also crimp seals the strapping to itself which removes the need for purchasing separate strapping seals.

Although the adjustable seal-less combination tool is hardwearing, it only weighs 4 kg which means it is also portable. It can adjust to suit strapping in a variety of widths of between 13 mm and 19 mm. It has reversible dies which can, in effect, double its lifespan.

The adjustable seal-less combination tool for steel strapping can be used for steel strapping of widths between 13 mm and 19 mm and can also be used with the dispenser trolley for wound steel strapping. It is ideal for use in a warehouse where the need to use steel strapping is a necessity.