Heavy Duty 19mm Tensioner

£64.35  (INCL. VAT)

  • Hand operated tensioner for all types of plastic strapping
  • Maximum strap width of 19mm
  • Good for high strap tension
  • Six-point windlass for easy scrap loading
  • Tensions and cuts


Heavy duty tensioner 19mm woven polyester strapping.

The heavy duty tensioner is suitable for use with all types of plastic strapping. It is ideal for use in a warehouse or similar environment where there is a need for sealing packages safely and securely to be shipped for delivery. The heavy duty tensioner/cutter weighs just 2.2 kg, so it is easily portable around the workplace. It has a non-slip ratchet tensioning feature to ensure that the strapping remains secure while in transit or storage. Packaging items properly can help to prevent damage and save money in the long-term, so investing in items such as this heavy duty cutter can make good sense.

The tensioner can ensure that the polyester strapping is tight enough to fasten the box together safely without being too tight that it crushes the packaging. The cutter facility means that cutting the strapping to size is easy.

The heavy duty tensioner can be used in conjunction with the heavy duty sealer for 12-19 mm extruded polyester strapping, and the serrated seals for extruded polyester strapping, to ensure that each strap is fitted perfectly.

Using this type of strapping and cutter can help to save time when packaging items, making it ideal for the busy workplace.