Heavy Duty Black Polypropylene Strapping Kit

£324.00  (INCL. VAT)

Complete starter kit

  • 1500m Strapping
  • 12mm Tensioner
  • 12mm Sealer
  • 250 Seals


Strapping/banding is used for a variety of jobs in warehouses or anywhere that there is a requirement for wrapping items; from reinforcing containers, to securing items onto pallets for shipping. It can sometimes be confusing knowing where to start when it comes to purchasing the equipment required for these processes. This kit contains everything that every warehouse or workshop could need to get set up today.

Polypropylene strapping is an economical material, ideal for light to medium-duty jobs.

This starter kit is ideal for small to medium sized strapping jobs, especially those that can be undertaken by one person. The mobile dispenser trolley makes the strapping process entirely portable within the workplace and keeps all the equipment in one place, so that nothing is mislaid. It also makes it much easier to get jobs started, as the equipment is always kept in the same place.

The kit is supplied complete with a polypropylene strapping reel, a tensioner/cutter to ensure an accurate job and metal seals to secure the strapping in place. It offers an easy solution to completing a strapping job without the need to order separate items. What’s more, the entire kit is lightweight and easily portable for storage and transporting around the warehouse or workshop.