Heavy Duty Manual Staple Gun with 3600 PCS Staples and Staple Remover

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3-in-1 Staple Gun Kit 3 direction binding pins, 1200 D-type pins, 1200 U-type pins, 1200 T-type pins to suit all types of binding requirements. The soft gel inserted into the handle protects your hands from chafing and blisters while working.

The manual stapler gun adopts durable stainless steel and electroplated surface treatment. Its rugged and durable ensure long service life. The spring sprung back principle is adopted, no electricity or gas is needed as the power source.

Adjustable pressure settings to ensure that the task at hand is getting the right pressure. Adjust the pressure to suit the thickness of the material used. The unique adjustable force knob design allows you to adjust the force freely according to the binding material, saves effort, and reduces hand fatigue. It is ideal for nail guns, screws, cables, and wire tongs.

Lever principle design and ergonomic non-slip handle nail puller, more labor-saving, can easily slide on the nail to remove it, also reduce the damage of the nail surface to the minimum. Lightweight and portable for simply removing two staple legs from wood, cartons, boxes, furniture, etc.

Widely used in a variety of applications and materials, including heavy paper, plastic, wood, thick fabric, carpets, upholstery, fixed wiring, or DIY hobbies.


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