High Velocity 18″ Industrial Fan

£99.00  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

High velocity industrial fan designed to move huge volumes of air around workshops, warehouses and other open areas, these fans are not recommended for offices.
450mm (18″) diameter
Blades are fully guarded for safety and are carefully balanced, resulting in smooth operation
Fitted with a 3 speed control selector located at the rear of the fan
Robust cradle stand allows the fan to be tilted and raised as and when required
Fitted with BS approved plug
Motor Power: 140W
Power Supply: 230V
Current: 0.6A
No. Of Speeds 3
Fan Diameter (mm) 450 (18″)
Maximum Airflow 107mtr³/min (3760cfm)
Power Supply 230V

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18″ industrial  high velocity fan with cradle stand and 3 speeds

Even during a British summer warehouses and workshops can become uncomfortably hot and working within these hot environments can lead to dehydration and other heat related issues which in extreme cases may result in employees becoming too ill to work. However, through the regular use of fans the possibility of these issues arising can be significantly reduced.

The 18″  industrial fan is one of the smaller fans within our range, despite its size this high velocity fan is still more than suitable for moving huge volumes of air. The fan’s carefully balanced blades are fully guarded for safety & noise reduction while the three speed control device located at the rear of this fan allows the operator to easily adjust the blade rotation speed whenever necessary. The cradle stand allows the fan to be tilted and raised to alter the direction of airflow.

Each fan is supplied with a BS approved plug suitable for use in industrial and commercial environments such as automotive workshops and showrooms.


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