20″ Industrial High Velocity Floor Fan – 3 Speed

£109.00  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

  • High velocity  fan capable of moving large volumes of air
  • Features 3 speed settings – 1100 / 1225 / 1350rpm
  • Tilting blade cradle allows users to control the direction of airflow
  • With safety in mind, the large blades are fully guarded
  • Large diameter base helps improve stability
  • Mains cable storage helps keep cables tidy when not in use
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Power: 105-115W
  • Current: 0.5A
  • Minimal onsite assembly required
  • Speeds 1100 / 1225 / 1350rpm
  • Maximum Airflow 110mtr³/min (3900cfm)
  • Fan Diameter (mm) 550 (20″)
  • Power Supply 230V


Industrial floor fan with 20″ fan head

Industrial fans are an extremely versatile tool, they can be used during the summer months to aid air circulation in large rooms and as a result generate a gentle breeze which acts as a cooling mechanism. Industrial fans are also commonly used during the rest of the year to eradicate built up fumes and more.

The  industrial floor fan is a high velocity fan with a large 20″ fan head. This floor fan is capable of moving large volumes of air and thanks to its 3 speed settings (1100 / 1225 / 1350rpm) the airflow can be adjusted to suit the situation. Should you need to control the airflow direction the blade cradle can be tilted while the support frame provides the necessary stability to help the unit stay upright and hold the blade cradle in place. For safety purposes, the blades are fully guarded which not only helps to prevent any small items from being expelled out of the fan at speed but it also protects the fan blades against damage extending the lifespan of this industrial fan.

When not in use the power cable is kept tidy by the built in cable storage and the blades can be easily accessed when maintaining and cleaning this fan.


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