Industrial 20″ Pedestal Fan – 3 Speed

£115.00  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

    • High velocity pedestal fan capable of moving large volumes of air
    • Choice of 3 speed settings (900 / 1100 / 1300rpm) – speed can be adjusted to control airflow
    • The large 20″ blade cradle tilts through 135;° angle
    • Height adjustable stand allows the user greater control over airflow
    • For safety the blades are fully guarded and a large diameter base provides extra stability
    • Mains cable storage keeps cables tidy when not in use
    • Height adjustable – 1100-1330mm
    • Power: 160W
    • Current: 1.1A
    • Maximum Airflow:120 metre³ per min (4200cfm)
    • Fan Diameter (mm) : 550 (20″)
    • Power Supply: 230V
    • Ideal for use in industrial, agricultural and commercial environments
    • Supplied in kit form for easy onsite assembly

    as offices and classrooms.



Industrial high velocity pedestal fan with 20″ fan head

Fans can be used in a wide range of situations in industrial, commercial or agricultural environments; whether you’re looking to cool an area, remove fumes or something else fans aren’t purely limited to use in the summer months. The  industrial pedestal fans are a great solution.

The HVF20P 20″ pedestal fan is able to move huge volumes of air, ideal if you’re looking to improve air circulation or generate a cool breeze in a large warehouse or workshop. This attractive pedestal fan has 3 speed settings (900 / 1100 / 1300rpm) allowing the user to control the airflow, employees can further control the direction and angle of airflow thanks to the tilting blade cradle and height adjustable stand; the blade cradle can be tilted through 135° while the height adjustable stand can be adjusted to achieve any height between 1100mm & 1330mm.

With safety and stability in mind, the three fan blades are fully guarded which not only helps to prevent small items from being pulled into the fan blades and expelled but also helps to prevent damage to the lightweight fan blades. For added stability this industrial pedestal fan has been fitted with a large circular base.


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