Keyboard Shelf for WB workbench

£325.22  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

  • Integral wrist support.
  • Mounts underneath WB workbench.
  • Dimensions (mm) : h 110mm x w 500mm x d 250mm


Pull out shelf with integral wrist support.

Computers are now used in industry more than ever before, allowing businesses to keep in touch with customers and suppliers, as well as running programs that assist with general operations. Keyboards are traditionally situated on top of surfaces for easy access, although this can cause problems at workbenches where space is already limited.

The keyboard shelf for WB workbenches eradicates this problem, enabling keyboards to be secured safely beneath the worktop. The design of the shelf is simple; it slides back and forth on a pair of smooth runners, keeping the keyboard out of sight when not in use, and its sturdy construction ensures that it is built to last.

As well as providing additional storage space, this keyboard shelf is a great way to protect the keys from damage and, to a certain extent, can even stop the dirt and dust that may be in the air from getting lodged within the keyboard.

Workplace safety is at the forefront of many business minds. The keyboard shelf has taken this into consideration and features an integral wrist support to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury, a common complaint among those who frequently use computers in the workplace.

The keyboard shelf for WB workbenches can help to keep businesses up to date and using the latest technology, making computer-use even more simple. It is ideal for those who are regularly seated while using the computer, simply sliding out or stowing away as needed.


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